Creativity is like any other state of being. It isn’t constant, it isn’t always controlled, it can’t be forced, and you never really know when, if, or how it will present itself. Over the past 5 months, I’ve learned this hard lesson. I went from a place of having creativity ooze out of my veins to a state of feeling depleted of any motivation or inspiration to push out blog content. I had to learn that it isn’t something I can force out of me. So I took time away from writing to focus on other projects, grow as a person, and unlearn the habit of feeling guilty when I’m not “productive” enough. 

This time away from the blog has been pleasant and healing; however, I am excited to be back! I celebrated my 33rd birthday (end of March) during my time away. Turning 33 in the 3rd month of 2022 is no coincidence (I can’t ignore angel numbers), so I decided to plan a quick trip to Tulum, Mexico. Angel numbers 222 and 333 have messages regarding finding balance in your life. After feeling unmotivated earlier this year, I felt called to use this trip as a way to embrace all sides of me: the forever evolving, the outgoing party girl, the introverted calm girl. 


Tulum is located in Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is about a 2-hour drive from Cancun and is known for its beautiful beaches, boho aesthetic, and gorgeous cenotes. It was once under the radar, but in 2020 we saw travel to Tulum becoming more popular. With the rise of tourism in Tulum, we saw it become a major tourist attraction with many beach clubs and parties. Because of its high energy, I made it a requirement for our accommodations to be in more of a quiet area. I wanted to allow myself time to relax, reflect, and reset. We stayed in a beautiful home where each of us had our own space (bedroom and bathroom) and a private pool. The area was tranquil, and the skies were clear enough to enjoy night swims under the stars. 

We booked this place through Airbnb, and our host was very accommodating. She helped us set up airport transportation, private transportation for getting around Tulum, a private chef, and our Covid tests (required before returning to the US). LINK TO HOUSE.

Private Bedroom with pool view
I spent most of my time here
I loved this small plant area
Spacious private bathroom


One of the main reasons I love to travel is so I can learn. Whether it is the history, the culture, or random lessons about the Earth, I want to make sure I come back home with more knowledge than I left with. We started with an all-natural brunch experience at Meli-Melo P&B. This compound is owned by a lovely French man that moved to Tulum and bought his own land. Everything that he served was grown right there. After our delicious vegan meal, he gave us a tour of his land and taught us many lessons about nature. It was an experience that I would highly recommend. You can visit his website HERE.

Eating area
Small part of the garden

Afterward, we visited the Mayan Ruins, where we booked a private tour with Tulum Ruins and Reef Private Tours (I don’t have a website for them, but I do have their phone number: 984 214 36 71). I love history and have always been curious about the Mayan temples and the theories surrounding them. Our tour guide was not only knowledgeable but a fantastic, grounded, and gentle soul. 

We met some cool people at the Ruins and made friends fairly quickly. Some had many spiritual experiences and knowledge that I enjoyed talking about with them! 

They had plenty of food and shopping around the ruins
Loved the aesthetic of this restaurant


I said this trip was about balance, didn’t I? So I wasn’t going to leave Tulum without indulging in some fun! *Sings “I love the nightlife, I like to boogie”* (why am I like this? lol). So we went to one of Tulum’s most popular restaurants, Rosa Negra. When I say that was probably one of my favorite restaurant experiences, I am not exaggerating! Not only was it entertaining, but the food was also phenomenal. The music was great, the people were awesome, and they encouraged diners to stand on tables and chairs and PARTY! We lived our best lives!

Dancing on the tables…highly encouraged
Aries Sun
The Moon looked beautiful that night. I love how I always feel so connected to her.

We also went to Taboo Beach Club, which was so much fun! My friends and I were vibrating high, and our energy was magnetic. We met some great people there that we still keep in touch with today! 

33 & Hydrated

I have to say, I am so happy to be back on the blog. I know blogs aren’t super popular anymore, especially when we’ve become accustomed to quick 10-second videos on other platforms. However, I still find something unique about documenting our experiences, thoughts, and photos in this way. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! 

I have more trips and experiences planned this year, so be sure you are subscribed, so you don’t miss my next post!

XO – Kat

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