A quick Google search for Grand Teton National Park will populate common questions from others like, “What is the best time of year to visit Grand Teton?” or “How far apart is Grand Teton and Yellowstone?”. I think those questions are reasonable and didn’t bat an eye when I casually scrolled past them, but when I saw that someone asked, “Is Grand Teton National Park worth seeing?” I clutched my imaginary pearls in disbelief. Having seen Grand Teton in person, I believe that every soul on this planet should have the chance to bless their senses with such beauty. If you just so happen to be the person that boldly used your thumbs to type that question into Google: #1. How dare you?…and #2. I hope this blog post takes away any hesitancy about visiting Grand Teton. 

If you read my last blog post about Yellowstone, I left off with my friends and me leaving Yellowstone and heading to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I know it has been over a month since I was last here, so I’m excited to finally be able to set aside some time to finish telling you my story about this trip! Today, I’ll share the second half of our story, including Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park, and Salt Lake City, Utah. So let’s dive right in!

Let’s Get Some Cold Ones

The drive from Yellowstone to Jackson Hole was a breeze. The scenic drive only took us about 1 hour to get there, but it feels like even less with great company. Since we were running around Yellowstone that morning (see us frolicking in the snow here), we were hungry when we arrived, so we stopped by a brewery in town for a bite and cold beer. We checked out Snake River Brewing Company which had plenty of seating inside and outside, firepits, and games. I personally loved that I was able to see them making the beer while we ate. If I am candid, none of us were crazy about the food, but the beers were great. 

Mod Motels are the New Black

After throwing back a couple of cold ones, we headed over to our hotel to check in. We stayed in Mountain Modern Motel, and I’ll just say the name was pretty spot on. This renovated motel had modern and trendy decor with amazing views of the mountains. While there, we went ahead and changed because there was a Georgia game that night. With the majority of us being The University of Georgia Alumni, we wanted to find a bar in town that might be playing the game. 

Hotel Lobby

The Jackson Hole DAWGS?

Before leaving for this trip, my friend Kate found a Facebook group of UGA alumni and fans that moved to Wyoming from Georgia and started a club in Jackson Hole. They get together at a local bar for every game, reserve a room and cheer on the DAWGS together. I didn’t believe it until we got there and I saw it with my own eyes! They had the room decked out with so much Georgia gear, and I walked away from there with more Georgia stuff than I’ve accumulated over the 4 years I was attending! I am not the biggest football fan, but it was so cool to meet people that moved there from Georgia and found each other to feel a piece of home. They were so welcoming, and their high vibrational energy was contagious. 

After the game, we stopped by a few more bars then headed back to the hotel to sleep. We planned to go to Grand Teton the following day and needed rest for our hike. 

Grand Teton is 1000% Worth Seeing 

The next morning, we wasted no time hitting the road. First, we stopped by Mormon Row. This Historic District was established in the 1920s when Mormon leaders sent settlers to the area to build communities. Today, the buildings are abandoned but continue to be one of the most photographed landmarks in the U.S. Pulling up to the land was very quiet. Still, tons of tourists and professional photographers were there grabbing snaps of the 19th-century cabins with views of the mountains behind them. 

After Mormon Row, we took some family photos with the Grand Teton sign, went shopping in the gift shops, and caught the boat across Jenny Lake. I am still mesmerized today by how clear and crisp the water was. The photos don’t even do it justice! This was one of the most relaxing boat rides I’ve ever had. With 360° views of nature’s beauty around you, the only thing I could do is be grateful to experience it. 

We all got matching sweatshirts at Yellowstone 🙂
Look at how crisp this water looks! I’m thirsty now.

Once we got off the boat, we were ready for our hike up! This hike fluctuated between easy, moderate, and hard. My advice would be to make sure you are wearing good hiking boots/shoes with good ankle support and grips and take your time. 

More family photos

This has got to be one of my top favorite hikes (I would tie this one with hikes in Maui). Making it to the top felt terrific, and the air smelled crisp as well. I’m not sure if it was a combination of the air quality and feeling my most present, but simply breathing felt different. Breathing didn’t feel like something that I unconsciously do to stay alive; breathing felt almost euphoric. 

The Real Road Trippers of Salt Lake City

After leaving Jackson Hole and Grand Teton, we headed to our last stop in Salt Lake City. Since we did so much hiking in Yellowstone and Grand Teton, our plan was to chill in SLC before heading home. We explored some local restaurants and coffee shops while there and visited Mormon Temple Square. Out of respect, I did not take any photos at Mormon Temple Square, but it was pretty cool to see. Although I am not Mormon, I still like to keep an open mind when learning about anybody’s religion, lifestyle, or culture, which is one of my favorite things about traveling. It was interesting to learn about their beliefs. In addition, the people there were very open to answering any questions our group had.  

The cutest coffee shop

I Think I Want to Go Back

Writing about Grand Teton today has me feeling a little nostalgic, and I think I may go back! If I do, I’ll be sure to document my return right here for you all! Since it is already December (2021 flew by), this will probably be my last blog post for the year. I hope you have a fabulous New Year, and I’m manifesting many blessings for you in the year 2022 (222 is a significant angel number, by the way)! I’ll be back with more posts in January, so be sure you are subscribed to this blog! Who knows what I will get into next!

XO – Kat

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