Summer Summer Summertiiiime! I hope you all have been enjoying your summer! From traveling to New York, going on hikes, and cooling off in this hot weather, I can say this Summer 2021 has been pretty fun (a lot more fun than last summer; 2020 was rough for many of us). Previously, I mentioned that it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my local adventures. So this is the perfect time to highlight one fun thing that I’ve been doing in my hometown, hanging out on the Atlanta BeltLine. 

What is the BeltLine? 

The BeltLine is technically a 33-mile long trail. Formerly a railway, it wraps around the core of the city, connecting different neighborhoods in Atlanta. The project has been under development for years now, and it has come a long way. I remember when it first started; it was pretty much just a simple running trail. Now, the BeltLine is expanding quicker than I can blink. From parks to smaller trails to tons of restaurants and bars, the BeltLine is definitely a place with something for everyone. 

Food and Drinks

It may be an understatement to say that there are plenty of places to eat and drink on the BeltLine. I swear a new eatery pops up every day, and although I live here, my list of restaurants that I want to try is never-ending. Some popular spots that I visit frequently are Ladybird, Hawkers Asian Street Food, and New Realm Brewery

Food from New Realm Brewery
Shaved Ice from a food truck at Piedmont Park
@ Lady Bird

Lady Bird is a fun place to casually hang with friends. The porch punch is a hot menu item for 2 reasons: 1. The nostalgia of it being in a Capri Sun-like pouch. 2. These drinks are pretty strong. One porch pouch usually leaves me feeling pretty WAVY

@ Hawkers
The gravy fries are life changing

I love to visit Hawkers for the overall atmosphere. They have fun decor, including bright red lights in the evening, fantastic food, great drinks, and they play great music. One night, they played only 90s R&B, and the vibe was *chef’s kiss*


While you are on your food tour, you can also get into some fun things to do. There are tons of parks to visit, like the famous Piedmont Park and the Fourth Ward Skate Park. In addition, Ponce City Market has shopping, more food, and a rooftop with a miniature amusement park for visitors. 

Fourth Ward Skate Park
Outside Ponce City Market
Modern Mystic Shop inside Ponce City Market

Another highlight is the recently added Illuminarium. The Illuminarium is an interactive space that provides a virtual reality experience of an African Safari. While activating all of your senses, they provide actual footage from Kenya showing you exotic animals in their natural habitat. My dream trip is to travel to Africa for a safari, so I booked a ticket when I heard about this new spot. 

Lastly, it would be crazy for me not to mention the number of wheels seen on the BeltLine. Whether you want to try a hand at one of the popular electric scooters (i.e. Bird scooters), skateboarding, biking, and even skating, wheels are definitely a big piece of the BeltLine. However, I have to admit that the scooters, bikes, etc., can be overwhelming. I would like to see the city build something that allows the wheels of the BeltLine to be separated from all of the walkers and runners. The Scooters go pretty fast, and I’ve seen a few accidents. 

Relax and Vibe

One of my favorite things to do when visiting the BeltLine is to relax and take in my surroundings. The perfect day for me is sitting on the grass next to the skatepark while people watching, journaling, or meditating. The area provides free yoga and fitness classes that you can join, and I’ve even seen groups of people offer free painting classes and massages. From random dance parties, impromptu soccer games, and picnics, the BeltLine also provides a place for people to comfortably be themselves and sit in the present moment. 

I usually take my crystals and meditate

Crystals are from my shop, The Guided Being!

True Adventure

I wanted to make sure I took the time to write about things I like to do locally to remind you that adventure can be whatever you make it. Although traveling is fun (and what I prefer), it is a luxury that is not feasible for us all the time. You can find fun and adventure in your own backyard. The definition of adventure is an unusual and exciting experience. “Unusual” and “exciting” differ from person to person. Exciting can mean climbing Mt Everest to you and going to the local AMC to catch the new Marvel film to the person next to you. Today, take a moment to think about something simple that excites you and plan to do it. Enjoy yourself, and I’ll be back to share more adventures soon! 

Now is all there ever is…

 – Kat

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