Have you ever had a city that you always wanted to see but lacked the time or money to plan an additional trip to see it? I’m sure you, like many others, have. That aspiration usually ends up being another destination to add to your wish list, and no idea when you can make the wish come true. I, like you, have a long list of cities on my list. This whole blog aims to find ways to see them with limited time and budget. This leads me to my trip to Seattle. No, you did not misread the title of this blog. I really did spend just 2 hours in Seattle, and I had a great time! 

Where did you get this idea?

I previously had a trip planned to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons, and a few more cities (I will blog about this trip later). We had a 3-hour layover in Seattle before reaching our Spokane, WA destination during the first leg of this trip. With that, my friend and I decided to make an ambitious plan to make the most of this layover and get two trips in one! We knew that we had to figure out a way to land in Seattle, make it out of the airport, catch an uber, see everything on our list, uber back, make it through security, and to our gate in 3 hours. Yeah, this seems impossible, but I’m not one to back down from an adventure or a challenge, so we aimed high. 

How on Earth did you plan this?

Well, you need organization, a list of key places that you would like to see, an efficient route, speed, and tons of energy. First, my friend and I made a list of key places we wanted to see, including the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. Then, we timed each stop. We first estimated the amount of time it will take to move through the airport, travel time to each destination then the amount of time we would like to spend at each landmark. We knew we had to be strict with the time we allotted ourselves, so we set timers for each location. 

We decided to see 3 key landmarks: The Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and The Original Starbucks. Now, it was time to put our plan into action. 

Game Time

We landed in Seattle on time and made a dash to the exit. We called Uber while briskly walking to the pickup area and had a bit of a challenge finding our driver. Uber told us that our driver was in a black Prius, but you see, almost every uber in Seattle is a Prius! I really did not realize how widespread the cars are in Seattle! It took us a little longer than expected to find our ride, so we knew we had to step on it when we finally did. 

Despite the minor (and funny) bump in the road, we lucked up by having a fantastic driver! We told him our plan, and he wanted in! He was a Seattle native and knew the streets like the back of his hand, so he chose the most efficient routes to ensure we could see everything we wanted. He even made way for us to see the Amazon Spheres on the way! 

First, we swung by the spheres, there wasn’t a great place to park, and traffic was pretty bad, but we were able to snap a few photos from the car on our way to our next sight. 

I captured this one in a hurry from the car.

Next on the list was Pike Place Market! We were able to get excellent views of the famous sign and get incredible pictures in front of it. 

We knew we could quickly reach our following location on foot. We walked to The Original Starbucks and grabbed a cup of coffee. It was pretty crowded, but we were able to step in and out fairly quickly. 

Our last stop was the Space Needle. We hopped back in the car and made our way to see the famous attraction. It began to rain on the way there, but we did not let the weather slow us down! We arrived and took tons of photos and videos and even had time to walk around the park while there. My friend and I are fans of the old sitcom “Frasier,” which is based in Seattle, and had a moment to nerd out in the city while singing “Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs” (the Fraiser theme song, haha). 

After checking off the items on our list, we could finally relax. Our goal was achieved! We headed back to the airport with smiles on our faces and even had enough time to grab dinner at the airport before catching our flight. 

Make your own way

Yes, my “trip” to Seattle was short and sweet. Maybe I didn’t get what one may consider the whole experience, but I saw what I wanted to see. When I shared my plans with others, they all said I couldn’t do it. They said that my goal was too ambitious, and it was impossible for me to sightsee within a short timeframe. One thing I’ve grown to learn is that you can’t believe what people tell you; it is up to you to make your own way. No matter how ridiculous it may seem to others, the person living your life is you. Your opinion is the only one that matters. I think this is great wisdom to apply to everything in life. Disregard what others and society believe makes sense, what you should or shouldn’t do, or what seems impossible. Make your own plans despite the odds or what others think. You have the power to make your life look the way you desire. 

If you are not yet subscribed to this blog, be sure you do so asap! I have many more adventures to share, and new adventures planned that I cannot wait to recount with you! 

Until next time!

XO – Kat

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