Wow! I can’t believe that this year is almost over! I think we all can agree that 2020 has been one of the longest and craziest years that we have all seen in this lifetime. With our heads in the clouds from the stunts and shows this year has put us through, I think holiday shopping for our friends and family may feel a little more challenging. Not to worry! I decided to put together a quick gift guide for your loved ones that love to travel. 

Yes, traveling isn’t as assessable as usual, but I promise if you gift your traveler friend something to remind them of the good times, you will definitely end their year on a good note. 

Here is how to shop: Scroll down to the corresponding number from the collage and click the shopping link. I’ve also included some honorable mentions for additional gift ideas that or not linked in this post. 

Now…don’t say I never did anything nice for you! Happy Holidays!!!

  1. Kenneth Cole Reaction Devising Stripes 3-Pc. Hardside Set, Created for Macy’s: Having a solid luggage set is great for a traveler. I think it is ideal to have stylish luggage and options for sizes for any type of trip. I love a hardshell case in neutral tones. They are stylish and durable enough to endure baggage handlers tossing them around. Haha!
  2. Sonia Kashuk Large Travel Pouch – Black Dot: I’m pretty anal about packing, and I love carrying bags within bags to help keep me organized. I have tons of makeup and skincare products, and I love going to Target to find stylish toiletry bags and makeup clutches to stash all of my items. Sonia Kashuk always has trendy collections of makeup cases and bags available at Target. 
  3. LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand: Many travelers I know also like to take photos, and having a tripod stand to prop up for photos usually turns out to be very helpful when on the road. This particular tripod also has a ring light attached, so your loved one can take their own lighting wherever they go. The only other person I know that travels with their own lighting is Mariah Carey, so if you ask me, this is upgrading them to star status. 
  4. Apple AirPods: I added these to the list for obvious reasons. AirPods come in handy when wanting to listen to music on a long plane ride or hands-free phone convos when rushing through the airport. 
  5. Portable Charger Luggage Tag: This one is pretty cool. It is a luggage tag but also a portable charger. The outlets at the airport gates either A. are full, or B. don’t work. Having your own portable charger when traveling is clutch and combining it with a luggage tag is pretty cool. The actual charger is removable, so if you need to check your luggage, you can take your charger out and keep it in your carry-on to save your battery life. 
  6. Morning Glamour® Satin Standard Pillowcases in Gold (Set of 2): I always like to take my own pillowcase with me when I travel, and I love a good silk pillowcase as they are beneficial for both your hair and skin. I usually get these pillowcases from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and they have lasted me quite some time. 
  7. Passport To Your National Parks Spiral-bound: If you have a loved one that explicitly loves to visit National Parks, I think this passport book is a great gift! I saw these when I went to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons recently, and the gift shops at each park actually participate and give you a passport stamp when you visit! 
  8. Tablet Sleeve and Gadget Accessory Case: Obviously, Tablet Sleeves and Cases are useful in protecting your iPads or Tablets. I like this one because it is also a gadget accessory case that stores all cords and tech add-ons. These days we carry so many gadgets that it is hard to keep up with them without getting the cords tangled. This is a great way to keep them all organized and lowers the chance of you losing them. 
  9. Fujifilm – instax mini 11 Instant Film Camera – Ice White: Growing up, my Grandpa always had a camcorder and camera in his hand, and we had so many photo albums of trips and candid moments around the house. I love taking pictures before we had camera phones because we were able to stay present. Back then, there weren’t apps to immediately upload the images on, distracting us from enjoying the moment. I think an instant camera (or maybe even disposable) is a great way to get travel pictures while still being fully present on the trip. Plus, you see the photos instantly, which makes it more fun! 
  10. trtl Pillow: This is not your average neck pillow. It is more like a neck brace, except you don’t have to have a neck injury to wear it. Yes, it sounds weird, and it looks even stranger, but this puts your average travel neck pillow to shame. It supports your head for the ultimate plane nap, and they are more compact, which makes it easy to stuff back in your carry-on when on the move. 


  • USA Picture Frame Map
  • Scratch Off World Map
  • BackPack
  • Converters for International Outlets
  • Hydrating Sheet Masks
  • Eye Mask for sleeping
  • Portable Steamer for clothes
  • Portable Make Up Mirror
  • Portable neck and back massager
  • Portable Luggage Scale
  • Blanket
  • Fleece Lined Socks
  • Comfortable Shoes (something easy to slip on and off like Crocs)
  • Journal
  • Healing Crystals (for the spiritual traveler, gift them with some black tourmaline for protection and positive energy)
  • Hand Sanitizer and Wet Antibacterial Wipes (because germs are a hot topic right now)

Until next time…XO – Kat

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