I Created a Blog!

Hi, I’m Kat! Author of itskatbailey.com and lover of travel and adventure! I’m a full-time corporate woman in her early 30s and can sometimes get caught in the hustle and bustle of adulting. Every now and then, I have to break out of my routine and have a quick getaway. 

For years, I have been getting questions about where I am, how I found it, and how on earth did I make traveling happen. In this blog, I will break down how these trips become a reality, all while having an 8-5 job and a limited budget. I’ll share planning tips (including how long it takes to plan each trip and how to do it without coming home with debt), fantastic food, and how to find local adventures. You don’t need to party on the beaches of Mykonos or take in the views of the Swiss Alps to be well-traveled. I like to reflect on the experiences I gain rather than the places I go to. From 4,200 miles away to your very own backyard, if you change the mindset that you can’t have fun experiences because of limited time or budget, you will find that adventure is easier to seek than you think. 

Life is short, and we deserve to enjoy every single second of it. I hope this blog inspires you, no matter your limitations, to take a moment and do something that you enjoy every day.

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4 thoughts on “I Created a Blog!

  1. Looking forward to new and amazing content and information! Love the blog I will Be checking in to see what new tips you have. Travel can be so stressful when on a budget. Thank you.

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